Where is JDM's studio?
It's your home, your favorite park, or let us choose one of our favorite sites.  We are on-location photographers that prefer natural light that is most flattering to all.  Sessions may need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

When do I need to schedule my session?
Newborn-contact us at the beginning of your third trimester and we will pencil in an approximate date based on baby's due date.  The actual appointment will be inked in when we receive the call that baby has arrived. The session will be within the first 14 days of life.

Family-contact us at least a month in advance to ensure availability and allow you wardrobe planning time.

Maternity-contact us in the middle of your second trimester to schedule a session for the middle of your third trimester.

Senior-contact us at the end of your Junior year to ensure availability.

Weddings-contact us as soon as possible.  The earlier the better to ensure availability.  Spring and Summer are the busiest times for weddings and we are only available for a limited number.

What do I wear to my session?
We do our best to help you coordinate everyone's outfits to make the best composition for your special photographs.  Once we have secured a date for your session, we will send you helpful ideas and suggestions to make the daunting task of choosing outfits easier.